Bulk Sms

Welcome to the most extensive, powerful and easy to use bulk SMS services platform

Now you can expand your business by saving time from communication calls and messages to your client group. Join our Bulk SMS service for creating alert, offering or short news letters or business updates to your targeted audience like customers or employees.

We are the Bulk SMS service provider in Allahabad, by integrating priority Bulk sms service in your system, messages forwarded from your end will be instantly received to targeted addressees. Through Bulk SMS service, you can save your time and manpower along with time, all communication will be forwarded to a large group of audience in a few seconds. Bulk SMS service is the best way to enhance your potential by forwarding instant messaging

Give a personal touch to your SMS by including names, IDs and other information without a need for plugins with our bulk sms services.

Long Code Advantages

With long codes, you can send SMS messages and make calls from the same number, so your customers don’t have to worry about reaching you via different points of contact

Long code/ Short code sms

Apart from other telecommunication services, eTechnocrates also offers short codes and virtual numbers that enables our clients to facilitate two way communication with their target audience.

Short Code Advantages

The main advantage of short codes is that you are able to send high volumes of text messages at a low cost. These are effectively used for marketing purposes, as it creates a memorable experience across a broad audience.